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"Nero has taken all the guesswork out of the dating game. My self-confidence is at a whole new level and I finally feel like I know what I’m doing with women." - Martin S

Within 17 Seconds of Meeting Any Woman You Can Activate the Greatest Sexual Superpower Ever Discovered!

There’s a switch you don’t even know you have inside you. 

 Flip this switch ... and you’re the hot guy all women desire.

Looks, money, power … none of that matters. The switch is everything.
And only one man in history ever discovered how to activate it.

His name was Giacomo Casanova.

Casanova's hypnotic "pattern interrupts" that confuse her subconscious and make her lower her guard during the first conversation.

How to flip the tables on a girl that rejects you so it looks like YOU rejected HER.

“The Casanova Concept” — how adding very specific teasing statements into your conversations will explode her attraction for you like an atom bomb.

My spin on Casanova’s “Wax Seal Techniques”... Where you’ll learn 5 bulletproof ways to get her phone number while making it seem like HER idea.

Peak Over Casanova’s Shoulder as He Shows You His Exact Methodology.

In this Revolutionary Program You'll Discover...

How to ignite your “Internal Flame” — a sexual magnetism that all men naturally possess, but that very few know how to switch on within themselves.

The “3 Doorways” method ... where Casanova reveals 3 triggers you can add to your language that quickly flip her attraction hot switches.

The “Spike Technique" that tweaks the wiring in women’s heads so they approach you. 

The 3 stages of every pickup that you absolutely MUST cover. Touch on these 3 stages and you’re almost guaranteed a phone number.

The “Break to Acceleration Tactic” where you’ll resist her advances in a way that makes her highly frustrated and begging you to have sex with her.

Why seduction is 90% emotional for a woman, but without the 10% of logic, she will never sleep with you. Casanova will show you exactly where that 10% MUST be delivered in your seduction sequence.

Casanova's "comfort protocol” that destroys all last minute sexual resistance — and how to blow through it in minutes to make her feel completely comfortable to get naked with you — even on the first night.

“The 9 & 1 Rule”… A sexual technique that gives women orgasms so explosive you’re guaranteed to be the best sex she’s ever had. EVER.

THIS is how Casanova Slept with Tens of Thousands of Women...


"I had no problem approaching women, but I always felt awkward starting the conversation. Now, I use Nero’s technique to put myself in the “power position” every time…and lock women in from the second I say “Hi.” - Ben Hunt

"I felt hopeless about my dating life. I thought I was ugly and it seemed impossible to meet women. But Casanova’s Notebook has given me the confidence to approach women anytime, anywhere – and the conversations actually go well. " - Cole Porter

"Before Casanova’s Notebook, I never had a one night stand. I couldn’t get laid to save my life. Now, not only am I taking women home, but I’ve been caught having sex in the bathroom at the club…twice!" - Dennis Foster

Women used to be a mystery to me. But now, I feel like I know exactly what they’re thinking and when they’re turned on. This has helped me to “make a move” at the perfect time, so I hardly ever get rejected." - Roy Johnson

"I used to think “making out” with women was a “win.” But I’d never end up bringing those women home. Now I know the big mistake I was making. I’ve switched up my style, and already have had two one night stands this past weekend." - Evan Spencer

"I had no idea that my bad fashion sense was killing my chances of attracting women. With a few small “Casanova” tweaks in my style, I constantly get looks from women everywhere I go." - Patrick P

"I’ve lost count of the women who’ve told me they “like me as a friend.” I was so sick of that tired old speech. But no more. Since going through Nero’s program, I’ve already had sex with 3 of these “friends,” and I’ve yet to hear the “Let’s just be friends,” speech!" - Big C

"I always had trouble meeting my “type” of girl. But now, I’m meeting loads of women I have chemistry with, without even trying. I have Nero to thank for my newest relationship! " - AJ

"I just want to say how satisfied I am with this program. Casanova’s Notebook is a resource I’ll look back to for many years to come. It answers pretty much any question you’d ever have about dating." - Mateo C 

"I thought men had to do all the work in dating. I never dreamed I’d have women approaching me. But after applying the techniques from Casanova’s Notebook, I regularly get approached 2-3 times a night by attractive women. It’s like I flipped some sort of attraction switch that draws them to me!" - Camden Mason


The member’s area which is coming soon has additional books, videos, t-shirts, and tons of cool shit you absolutely cannot get anywhere else. Most so-called “seduction gurus” would charge a monthly fee for this kind of access — but those who take action now will be getting it for free when we set it live!

Plus, when you take action and invest in Casanova’s Notebook today, you’ll also get all of these incredible Instant Action Bonuses available right away…

In this book I outline how to make your girl-friend start seeing you for the alpha you truly are, and how to have HER suggest that you take your friendship to the next level.





How to use the 5 critical pillars to great style to get women to approach you. And how to turn their predictable comments into attraction building conversations.

Learn Casanova’s SVR technique that will make her backpedal and try to earn your favor … helplessly attracted to you because you’re the only guy with balls big enough to speak to her like her daddy.





By reverse engineering Casanova’s “Rapid Escalation” method you’re going to overcome her defenses and have her naked ... in your bed ... with her legs spread ... in the easiest, quickest way possible.


"Every time I talked to a girl, I felt like another guy would try to step in and “outdo me”. Now I know exactly how to deal with these “vulture” guys and assert my dominance over them. Women choose me now, even if the other guy is much better looking!" - Vince G

"I used to struggle to keep women’s attention. I always wanted to be the cool guy, but I never felt cool. Nero’s “Hollywood Movie Star” technique has changed that forever. Now I feel like “the man” in all my interactions with women, and I never see their eyes drift away.” - Xavier S

"I used to feel paralyzed on the dance floor. I didn’t feel comfortable dancing, and I had no idea how to ask women to dance. After this program, I’ve been dancing and hooking up with 2-3 girls on the dance floor every night I go out." - JT

"Before Casanova’s Notebook, I crashed and burned when talking to groups of women. But now, I confidently approach them and keep them engaged and interested the whole time – that is, until I take their cute friend home!” - Tim Bennett

"Women used to give me the “help me eyes” when talking to me. It was pretty devastating. After Casanova’s Notebook, I realized I’d been doing creepy things without even realizing it. Just by cutting out these “creepy” things, I’ve already lined up 3 dates for this next week!" - Nathan N

"I’ve always felt “average”. But after using the techniques from Casanova’s Notebook, I’ve developed a sexy vibe around women that intrigues them and keeps them wanting more! " - Nolan Ward

"The hot, high maintenance women at the bar always seemed “off limits” to me. But now, I know how to flip the conversation around so that they’re the ones chasing me!" - Joseph


Here's my unbreakable promise to you...  Try Casanova’s Notebook completely risk-free for a full 60 days.

If I don't deliver, then just send me an email and you can get an instant refund and keep all the Instant Action Bonuses at my expense.

But if I do deliver, then by this time next week there could be a sexy girl in your bed ... with her ass up high ... waiting to take you inside her. 

Simply because you made the decision to invest in Casanova’s Notebook.

Casanova's Notebook including it's exclusive bonuses is only available at this limited discounted pricing for a short time only.



Enter your email address below to begin. You will then be sent to our payment page where you can fill in the required details to access Casanova’s Notebook.


Remember; you're not only getting Casanova's Notebook which includes ‘step-by-step’ breakdowns of how to seduce beautiful women.

In this incredible life-changing bundle: You're also getting "Dress To Seduction Success", “Escape The Friend Zone”, “The Devil’s Guide To Dating” and “One Night Stands” as incredible FREE bonuses.

I look forward to hearing your stories of success,

P.S. Remember, Casanova’s Notebook is the only product in existence that’s based on the seduction method of the great Giacomo Casanova. All his methods ... all his tactics ... every technique he ever created ... are waiting for you inside this program.

Do don't wait one second longer...

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Question: Who is this product for?

Answer: It’s for Men of course, but it will work for any guy of any age. We’ve taught students of all demographics, ages, 12 different countries and this stuff literally works for any guy, anywhere. It works for ugly guys, short guys, bald guys, fat guys, it doesn’t matter. This proven system will work for any guy who wants to get girls.

Question: Is Casanova's Notebook discreetly billed?

Answer: Yes! We understand how important it is to our students to keep things on the down low, so the billing is very discreet. You will see a charge from on your card. It won’t say “Casanova's Notebook” or “how to get a girlfriend” or anything else that you don’t want to have to explain to someone if you own a shared bank account.

Question: How do I access the content once I purchase the course?

Answer: Please make sure to use your correct email address when making your purchase. You will be sent your product directly to your email inbox alongside it's bonuses. When the member's area will be activated you will be sent login details to your email inbox also.

Question: Will I get any support?

Answer: Yes. You’ll have access to our exclusive access to Nero's personal support 24/7, simply send us a message anytime of the day and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Question: Does Casanova's Notebook come with a money back guarantee?

Answer: YES! We’re so confident that the Casanovas Notebook will get you women, that if you’re not happy with the program just let us know within 60 days and we’ll send you a full refund. I’ll also let you keep all the bonuses! No fuss, no hassle.

Question: Is this course for beginners or advanced users?

Answer: We specifically formatted this program to be multilayered- it will work for you if you’re a beginner or if you’re already an expert with women. Methods are methods, tricks are tricks, but even for the expert ... we delve into topics we guarantee you haven’t heard of before. 

Question: How long will it take before I start landing girls?

Answer: That completely depends on you, but we’ve seen students get amazing results in just a matter of days. Like anything else, how much you get out of the content depends on how much you put into it. 

Question: I have my eyes on a specific woman right now. Will Casanova's Notebook help me get her?

Answer: Yes. My guess is that you’re in the friend zone with this girl and you want to take things to the next level. What you need to do is change the way she sees you, and the best way to do that is to get good with women in general. Right now, she knows you’re not, and that’s a big hit to your value in her eyes. 

Once you get good with women in general, she will start to see you differently. In fact, she may just start wondering what she’s missing… and wondering if perhaps she made a mistake, because the proof is right in front of her that you are in fact a girl magnet. And we always want what we can’t have.  

So make sure she sees you with other women. Be subtle about it, but soon enough she’ll be the one asking to take things to the next level.

Question: Will this work if I want to get younger women?

Answer: Yes. All women are wired the same, regardless of age. So all of the cutting-edge female psychology we use as the foundation for our techniques will work if you’re 50 and want a 25 year old, or if you’re 20 and want a 35 year old. Age doesn’t matter at all. Nor does color, religion, politics… you name it.
Women are all wired the same and once you know what attracts them, you can seduce women at will. We call it “flipping the switch.”

Question: I’m already getting girls. Will this system help me get hotter ones?

Answer: Definitely. Attractive women have been hit on maybe tens of thousands of times. They need advanced tactics to get through their built-in rejection mechanisms.

Question: I don’t want to have to change a bunch. Will I need to?

Answer: Attracting women effectively is not about completely changing who you are (though other courses might tell you otherwise); it’s about revealing the high self-esteem and confidence that you were born with. Your past traumas, limiting belief systems and negative experiences with women have covered that up. And like a dirty window, the light can’t shine through.  But with the right instruction, the low value traits that come with trauma (and that consequently repel women) can be wiped away- and in far less time than you think.

Question: I’ve bought other stuff and it didn’t work. Why should I think this would be any different?

Answer: I don’t know what else you bought, so I can’t say for sure. But what I can say is we’ve taught this information to thousands of guys and our refund rate is the lowest in the industry. We’re also buried neck-deep in rave reviews from satisfied students. 

Question: Do you have any proof that this stuff works?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY- check out our testimonials section above as well as some in the sales video. 

Question: When can I get started?

Answer: Now that’s the question I like to hear! You can get started right now. Just enter your email and click the “Instant Access” button and within seconds you’ll be on your way to more women.




"I thought I had to be rich and/or famous to attract beautiful women. But now I know it’s a lot simpler. Using the secrets from Casanova’s Notebook, I’ve slept with 5 women in the past 3 months – ALL while living in my parent’s basement. I have no choice but to give this a 5 star rating" - Pete K

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