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"I felt hopeless about my dating life. I thought I was ugly and it seemed impossible to meet women. But Casanova’s Notebook has given me the confidence to approach women anytime, anywhere – and the conversations actually go well. "  - Cole Porter

"I had no problem approaching women, but I always felt awkward starting the conversation. Now, I use Nero’s technique to put myself in the “power position” every time…and lock women in from the second I say “Hi.” - Ben Hunt

"I always had trouble meeting my “type” of girl. But now, I’m meeting loads of women I have chemistry with, without even trying. I have Nero to thank for my newest relationship! " - AJ

"Before Casanova’s Notebook, I never had a one night stand. I couldn’t get laid to save my life. Now, not only am I taking women home, but I’ve been caught having sex in the bathroom at the club…twice!" - Dennis Foster

"I used to think “making out” with women was a “win.” But I’d never end up bringing those women home. Now I know the big mistake I was making. I’ve switched up my style, and already have had two one night stands this past weekend." - Evan Spencer

"I thought men had to do all the work in dating. I never dreamed I’d have women approaching me. But after applying the techniques from Casanova’s Notebook, I regularly get approached 2-3 times a night by attractive women. It’s like I flipped some sort of attraction switch that draws them to me!" - Camden Mason

"I had no idea that my bad fashion sense was killing my chances of attracting women. With a few small “Casanova” tweaks in my style, I constantly get looks from women everywhere I go." - Patrick P

"I just want to say how satisfied I am with this program. Casanova’s Notebook is a resource I’ll look back to for many years to come. It answers pretty much any question you’d ever have about dating." - Mateo C

Women used to be a mystery to me. But now, I feel like I know exactly what they’re thinking and when they’re turned on. This has helped me to “make a move” at the perfect time, so I hardly ever get rejected." - Roy Johnson

"I’ve lost count of the women who’ve told me they “like me as a friend.” I was so sick of that tired old speech. But no more. Since going through Nero’s program, I’ve already had sex with 3 of these “friends,” and I’ve yet to hear the “Let’s just be friends,” speech!" - Big C

"I used to struggle to keep women’s attention. I always wanted to be the cool guy, but I never felt cool. Nero’s “Hollywood Movie Star” technique has changed that forever. Now I feel like “the man” in all my interactions with women, and I never see their eyes drift away.” - Xavier S

"Before Casanova’s Notebook, I crashed and burned when talking to groups of women. But now, I confidently approach them and keep them engaged and interested the whole time – that is, until I take their cute friend home!” - Tim Bennett

"Every time I talked to a girl, I felt like another guy would try to step in and “outdo me”. Now I know exactly how to deal with these “vulture” guys and assert my dominance over them. Women choose me now, even if the other guy is much better looking!" - Vince G

"I used to feel paralyzed on the dance floor. I didn’t feel comfortable dancing, and I had no idea how to ask women to dance. After this program, I’ve been dancing and hooking up with 2-3 girls on the dance floor every night I go out." - JT

"The hot, high maintenance women at the bar always seemed “off limits” to me. But now, I know how to flip the conversation around so that they’re the ones chasing me!" - Joseph

"Women used to give me the “help me eyes” when talking to me. It was pretty devastating. After Casanova’s Notebook, I realized I’d been doing creepy things without even realizing it. Just by cutting out these “creepy” things, I’ve already lined up 3 dates for this next week!" - Nathan N

"I’ve always felt “average”. But after using the techniques from Casanova’s Notebook, I’ve developed a sexy vibe around women that intrigues them and keeps them wanting more! " - Nolan Ward

"Women used to be a mystery to me. But now, I feel like I know exactly what they’re thinking and when they’re turned on. This has helped me to “make a move” at the perfect time, so I hardly ever get rejected." - Roy Johnson

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